Our Stories - Dickson Mbi

Independent dance artist Dickson boasts a successful career in HipHop culture and Modern Dance. As well as competing all around the world in Popping he is currently studying an MA degree in choreography at London Contemporary Dance School, with DCD's support.

"After all the experiences that I have acquired in my life and in my professional career as a dance artist, I felt it was time for me as an artist to have more of a voice in what I was creating and to be more prominent in choreography. For that reason I undertook a two year part-time MA course in choreography at London Contemporary Dance School.

Part-time, so that I can fully grasp what I am learning, be able to investigate my ideas in an un-judgemental environment and to financially sustain myself whilst studying. The aims of this path are to learn several ways of a creating process, develop my current practice and seek insight into unfamiliar ways of working, such as conceptual and contextual ways of creating works.

This Transition has been really challenging financially and academically. The financial and emotional support I received from Dancers' Career Development has really taken a load of weight off my shoulders. This has given me the opportunity to really dive deep into my transition as a choreographer and commit more time to the process. Notably, knowing that a team of people at DCD are supporting me and rooting for me to achieve my goals, makes me really happy and gives me extra confidence.

What I have learned and am still learning through this process so far, is that we can never give up on our passion, as there are people out there like the DCD who really care about dancers and are really up for supporting them".

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact Ellen Chambers, Grants and Careers Officer on ellen@thedcd.org.uk or 020 7831 1449.

You can support a dancer like Dickson to navigate career transition through the boundless appeal

"The DCD offered so much support to me; not just financially, but more emotionally, and really took their time to listen to my ideas in a safe and welcoming manner".