Our Stories - Adam Salter

Adam enjoyed a successful career in musical theatre in the West End and internationally before retraining as a personal trainer, with DCD's support.

"I started my dance career at the late age of 18, when I went to Laine Theatre Arts and studied for 3 years in dance and musical theatre. In my second year I got my first job in Panto for UK Productions, that company then went onto hire me for my first musical of seven brides for seven brothers. This then launched me into a wonderful journey doing different shows all over the world and in the West End.

There came a point in my career when I wanted a change, not because I wasn't happy, but because we had the news that we were going to have a baby. I decided that I needed a more stable job but still something I loved and was passionate about. I went to the DCD and talked them about what I wanted to do and they helped and guided me all the way, I even had a Careers Profiling session to talk about different jobs I had not thought about. I eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted to be a personal trainer. I looked into courses that provided the training and got a place on a course covering the Level 3 qualification I needed to be employed as a Personal Trainer. I then applied for funding from the DCD towards my course fees.

I started the course in April 2015 I had a lot of weekend classes and even more online learning and exams I also had to sit written exams. As I was doing my training I tried to make as many connections as possible in my new chosen field, I put my new CV online and applied to all the PT positions I could find, I went into a lot of gyms and asked questions and applied in person as well. Then I got an email from David Lloyd gym asking if I was free for an interview. I did two rounds of interviews and got one of the two jobs available. I started working in the gym in January 2016.

I have now got five personal training clients already and a job of 40 hours per week. I have the stability I needed but also the passion and love for what I now do.

When I look back on the transition from dancer to my new career it was a very scary thing, because all I had ever done was dance and perform. You have to face your fears and plan ahead and talk to as many people as possible. I found I made new connections that led to new opportunities, even the smallest thing can end up helping you along your journey. Try to be open to new ideas and approaches so you can take it all on board and use what you need to succeed".

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You can support a dancer like Adam to navigate career transition through the boundless appeal

"You have to face your fears and plan ahead and talk to as many people as possible."